For Students and Tutors:-

Its simple:-

1) After logging in a student can post the assignment by clicking on the tab "Ask a Question" with his/her specific requirements (like price, deadline etc) given on that page. Posting an assignment is free.

1) After logging in a student can post the assignment by clicking on the tab "Ask a Question" with his/her specific requirements (like price, deadline etc) given on that page. Posting an assignment is free.

2) Wait for a bid from our subject experts. Based on experts rating and bid, you can assign your work to a teacher of your choice.

3) Once you assign your work to a tutor, he is notified to start working and he will post the solution of your assignment within deadline. When a solution is posted, the student will be notified through the email provided to us.

You need to register with us to use HomeworkBazaar facility.

No, you can't. When you register with us you will be asked to set your username yourself. So be careful to set your username at the time of registration.

Go to Login-> Click on Forgot password->Type in your email. Your password will be sent to your registered email.

A verified tutor means he/she has at least bachelor degree in his/her expertization (degree verified by us) and he/she has passed a writing skill test in his/her subject.

Yes, all subject experts at HomeworkBazaar are verified by us. However a bachelor degree pursuing scholar may be a verified tutor if he/she passes through by a writing skill test provided by us.

Rating indicates the quality of a tutor. You can find a tutor’s rating under his/her profile. Tutors with high ratings are trustworthy because they have proven to provide good quality work. High ratings are hard to earn and are a fair measure of a tutor’s ability. There are only three ratings (based on a scale of 10) provided by our system: (i) A+ (between 9 to 10): The tutor provides excellent services (ii) A (between 8 to 9): The tutor provides very good services and (iii) A- (between 7 to 8): The tutor provides good services.

Yes. We have tutors having only a rating out of A+, A, A-. If a tutor does not maintain his/her rating and his/her rating goes down to A-, the rating of that tutor will be disappeared from his/her profile and he/she will be banned to bid on an assignment. So a student will get help by at least A- rated tutor.

Deadline is a date with time set by the student by which the teacher must provide the solution to the student.

For Students:-

There is nothing wrong in seeking academic help. Some students do need help. For these students it is not feasible to take time out for assignments, it could be due to their hectic schedule, illnesses, unfamiliarity with the teaching system at a new place or the fear of losing a term. Our priority therefore is to help such students to achieve academic success and get better grades.

Note that all tutorials posted here to be used as a guide. Submitting an answer as your own is strictly forbidden and is likely to result in your institute’s academic honesty unit taking actions against you. You will be fully responsible for that. Students at HomeworkBazaar are strictly prohibited to ask a tutor for online test/quiz. Doing this may result immediate termination of your account.

After logging in hit "Ask a Question" tab. Type your requirements in the box provided. Fill in the required fields and hit "Submit Question" tab. Once your question is posted it will be visible to all tutors.

It's up to you. If you don’t have an idea about the price, put a feasible price in budget field and wait for available tutors to respond with their bids.

Click on confirm project next to the bid placed by teacher to select them.

As soon as the assigned teacher upload the solution it will automatically goes to your tutorial bucket. You can view/download your solution from your tutorial bucket.

The tutorials bucket is a place where we store all of the solutions/tutorials purchased by you. You can access any of your solutions/tutorials at any time.

Every tutor is supposed to follow our strict policy on writing only original solution. So we hope solution provided by the tutor is custom written, never copied and pasted. We have a strict zero tolerance policy against plagiarism.

Click the question in "Tutorial Bucket" for which you want to rate your tutor, there you’ll find an option to rate your tutor.

It is not very much mandatory. But we strongly recommend to rate and comment your tutor very honestly, that way you can express your opinions publicly so that other students shall know how awesome he or she is.

Basically there are two ways to contact a tutor:

Chatting: You can chat with the tutor using the chat bar appear on right side of the page Message: You can send a message to a tutor.

The only way to choose a good tutor is to see the tutor's profile. To view profile simply clicks on tutor's username. Make sure to specifically look at tutor's ratings and read the comments of other students about him/her. Teacher reviews are authentic reviews this teacher received from other students.

Yes, you can restrict the tutors to answer your. Student has an option to bid on his/her assignment by only A+ rating tutors. At the time of assignment submission the student will be asked to do so. In this way the student can get help by a high quality tutor of his/her choice.

Yes, there is 100% money back guarantee under the following conditions: (i) Assignment/Homework help from the company is intended to provide you with guidance on understanding your assignment and not to replace your academic efforts designed to be part of your curriculum. No refund will be given for reasons of grade deficiency for having submitted our homework guidance as it is to your school or college homework as it is a violation of our TOS. (ii) Tell us what you think is wrong with the answer by email to within a week. Our team of subject experts will review the work purchased by you and the decision taken by the team will be the final decision. (iii) You can claim for a refund within a week of purchasing the answer. After that no claim will be entertained. (iv) If a tutor fails to provide the solution within due time, 100% refund will be given immediately. (v) No refund request will be entrained for a tutorial.

Our payment system is 100% secure and verified. We employ advanced industry-leading encryption and fraud prevention tools to make sure you are secure when making payments. You can pay for your assignment via 1) Credit Card or 2) Paypal.

No, you can add fund in your account free of cost.

There is a processing fee 4.4%+$0.3 for each payment which will be paid by you. Thus if your question worth $10, then you need to pay $(10+0.44+0.30) that is $10.74.

No, for the payment you need not necessarily have a Paypal account. You can pay by using credit/debit card.

For Tutors:-

We are looking for at least bachelor degree holders. To be able to work with us you should have the required subject knowledge, ability to write professionally, inclination towards research and academics. However a university student who is pursuing his/her undergraduate can also work as a tutor at HomeworkBazaar. Such scholars have to clear a test provided by us.

If you are an expert in the subject, have the required writing skills and time in hand, we are sure you wouldn't mind making those extra bucks apart from a great learning experience working with HomeworkBazaar.

Of course not! You can register with us for free.

You can make a withdraw request to your earned balance at any time. It would take 2-3 working days to credit your withdraw amount in your paypal account.

You will be charged 4.4%+$0.3 per transaction as a processing fee. This reflects the actual fees paid by HomeworkBazaar to paypal for processing the payment. For example if you withdraw $100 then you will get $100-($4.4+$0.3) that is $95.3 in your paypal account.

Yes, you can. It can be done on clicking "Upload Tutorial" tab and following the steps provided there.

We take 20% of the bid as a fee. This fee helps to keep the site up and running.

Yes, you can. You can edit the answer the student already purchased. He will be able to see the updated answer after you make the changes. You just need to send a message to the student regarding updating of answer. To edit your answer, find the question page, scroll down to your answer, click the edit button and change your answer. You can also add new attachments to your answer.

No, you cannot delete your solution or tutorial after posting. Only you can edit.

There are several benefits to maintain rating at this platform: (i) The first and most important point is that most of the students prefer a high rating tutor. (ii) All tutors can view/access all questions but (a) A+ rating tutors can answer all the assignments of any worth. (b) A ratings tutors can answer the assignments worth only less than $70. (c) A- rating tutors can answer the assignments worth only less than $40. (iii) As we seek dedicated excellent tutors at this platform so a tutor having no rating will be banned to answer an assignment forever. (iv) At the time of assignment submission student may ask to answer by good ratings tutors. For example he/she has an option to answers by A+ rating tutor only. In the case student opt this option, the assignment will be visible to all tutors but only A+ rating tutor can answer.

Yes, you will get a notification about an assignment posted in your expertization through email you registered with us.

No, there is no guarantee. We prefer to talk with student using chat or message to confirm his project to you by convincing why he/she should purchase your answer.

Yes, your rating is calculated by using the formula: total ratings score/total number of ratings.

The tutors must provide first rate and plagiarism free step by step solutions to the students within the specified deadline set by the student.

Following the tips may maximize your earnings: (i) Verified with us. An unverified tutor cannot bid (even cannot view) against a question. (ii) Maintain your rating. A tutor with no rating cannot bid (even cannot view) against a question. Even he/she will be banned to bid an assignment forever. (iii) Communicate with students through message or chat. As soon as a student posts a question better to start chatting with him/her to convince why he/her should buy your answer? (iv) Be online at US day time. That is the time when most of the questions are posted as most of our students are from US. (v) Build long term relationships by providing step by step detailed solutions within due date. If you succeed, they will be looking for you for their next assignment and not the other way around. (vi) Be honest, fast and responsive. Never cheat a student. (vii) Your aim should be high bid and high quality (Not low bid and poor quality). So instead bidding your answers too low, provide high quality work with more bid. A student will be happy to pay a bonus for a high quality answer. (viii) Provide the solution to the student within due time. If in any case you are not able to provide the solution within due time then inform the admin as well as to student well in advance.

If it is the first time you are not following the deadline, an amount equivalent to the assignment worth will be deducted from your account as a penalty. Second time you will be banned to bid on any assignment forever.

If it is the first time a student claims your work with a plagiarism, the amount earned by that assignment plus an additional amount equivalent to the assignment worth will be deducted from your account as a penalty. Second time you will be banned to bid on any assignment forever.